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What our customers say

"We had to tell you the goods are delicious. This is our second order with you. My whole family (hubbie plus 4 children) thoroughly enjoyed our ‘taste of home’ last night!"
Marie Couzens - AL

“Hello! I’ve finally had all four of mine. My friends and I all enjoyed each one! My personal favorite was the Philly cheese, but there wasn’t a one I didn’t like! Thanks for making such a great product!”
Damon Campbell

"Thanks Richard, everything arrived and was safely hidden away in the freezer. Thank you for once again for giving such great service. We had an authentic "English" dinner of Pasties, Sausage Rolls, chips and beans which went over very well. Hopefully a few new customers for you someday!!"
Sherry Porritt - FL

"Stuff received in perfect shape - many thanks! Cheers!"
John Ralph - OR

"Thanks for the best Cornish pasties I have had since I left England."
L. Law Broili - TX

"We are the couple who traveled down from Tampa on Christmas Eve for one of your pork pies... needless to say it went down very well, everyone who tried it said it was lovely. The pastry and the meat - very very tasty. I can honestly say we thought we were in heaven. We took back Cornish Pasties and Cheese and Onion Pasties for our daughter and son in law who thought they were wonderful. Thank you."
Dave Leeman - FL

"My husband, from Northern Michigan by way of Finland, was ecstatic when he showed up and smelled the Pasties in the oven. They were totally delicious. Even my kids, who had never had them, cleaned their plates entirely. You will definitely hear from us again in the future."
Natasha Usher - GA

"Thank you Richard. Looking forward to trying the bacon. Everything else has been scrumptious."
Linden Gray - SC

"My order arrived safe and sound, still frozen inside. I was amazed at the size, what a great meal. I have only had the chance to try three of my selections, and I must say they are by far the best Pasties I have ever had."
Trevor Bourne - WV

"Your product is excellent. I had your Vegetable Curried Pasty this eve, and can’t wait to try the cheese and onion. I will definitely try your other products. Hope to see you soon as I live in St Pete Beach."
Susan Harris - FL

"Have purchased several times from the "4 & 20 Pasty Company" and have always been very pleased with the quality of the food, speed of service, and attention to detail of the insulated packaging. I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard and his team and hope to buy their products for a long time!"
Paul Rogers and family - FL

“Goodies arrived in a frozen state today and I can’t wait until I get my first taste. Everything looks delicious. Thanks to you and the crew.”
Ann Dunning

"We LOVE your pasties!! Due to the economy we were unable to make it overseas this year but at least we get a little taste of it. Thanks again!"
Anne Leace - FL

"As always, it is a pleasure doing business with 4&20! Regards."
Mike Denstedt - SC

"Thank you for my recent order that was received , in perfect order , this morning. Everything looks delicious, particularly the sausage rolls that look better than in your picture!!!"
Ron Farleigh

"Thank you so very much for the prompt delivery of pasties. We were hoping to receive them in time for Christmas Eve supper and true to form they arrived promptly and perfectly. You are truly a gem."
Dawn Brown - FL

"My Husband - Peter Harte, from Louisiana, came into your shop 2 weeks ago and purchased lots of great pasties. We have had the Cornish pasty, and tonight we are having the Pork Pies. All the goods arrived back with him still frozen & we just had to write to tell you our pleasure!"
Barbara Harte - Visitor to Sarasota

"As an Expat living in Apopka, Florida I often seek out tastes of British cuisine and when I came across your pies at a British shop in Downtown Orlando, I was curious to see how they would be, having been sadly let down in the past. Well I must say they were the best Pork Pies and Sausage Rolls I have tasted in Florida ever since I have been here. I am looking forward to sampling some more of your different offerings, if they are as good as what I have tasted so far, and so I am visiting your website to see what else I can taste next."
Richie Smith - FL

"Richard, My husband and I are originally from England but have been in this country for more than 40 years and are now proud American Citizens. My husband often wished for a good Cornish Pasty and I eventually decided to check the Internet to see if I could find them in this country and found your site. We were so delighted with our first order that we have placed 3 additional orders since and all have arrived safely, promptly and in good order. We have now tried Cornish pasties, Shepherds Pie pasties, Steak and mushroom pasties, Beef curry pasties, pork pies, and sausage rolls and all were delicious. The pastry is the best we have tasted. We are totally "hooked" now and will continue to be regular customers."
Pam & Viv Williams - The Villages FL

"The individual pork pies were wonderful! Certainly the best I’ve had this side of the Atlantic, and the last time I was home, some weren’t as good as these even there. Even after defrosting the pastry came out perfect, without re-heating or anything. Wish I had picked up more now, since its now salad season."
Peter Finch - VA

"Very good were the pies we received this week. They arrived in great shape and tasted as good as when we last visited Sarasota. We will definitely be ordering more in the future."
Chris Sales

"I want to provide you with a testimonial of your products, customer service & deliveries. In fact all of the above are stellar as far as I’m concerned. I was delighted to do business with you and you can be rest assured that I will continue to order from you. I just know now to order a dozen sausage rolls instead of the four that I ordered. I didn’t expect the guys would really go mental over them, and I had to fight them for my beloved sausage rolls."
Sue Schmitt

"Good Morning. My order arrived yesterday in excellent condition. Just wanted to remark on the excellent communication and customer service. Very refreshing. Thank you."
Yvonne S. Finney, Clinical Education Coordinator University of St. Augustine

"These arrived Friday and they were gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers."
Kirsten B-H

“I came in your shop this morning not knowing what to expect but it would seem I have found a wonderful piece of home. Thank you for a warm reception and the amazing creations. It really is English soul food, made with love and pride”
Bern Webb

“Richard, we were delighted, to receive the frozen foods, in perfect condition. We have tried the steak and kidney pies and pork pies, which we enjoyed very much. My husband is Irish and I am English, so we know our pies. Can’t wait to try the rest of the pies. Will certainly be ordering again. Thanks!”

“Thanks Richard. I recently tried your pies / sausage rolls for the first time and I must say that your pastry is exceptional, it made me feel kind of home sick. I could not resist ordering some more! Thanks for the great service.”
Steedman Sarbah

“I bought some of your pasties this past weekend. It’s not often that I feel the urge to write to someone about a product, but I have to tell you, those pasties were absolutely and incredibly delicious... and the pastry was amazing! I am an expat Australian... and my parents are English... so you can be assured that I am very picky about pies, pasties and sausage rolls! In the 20 years I have lived in the US, yours are the first really good ones I’ve had. Whatever it is you are doing ...please keep on doing it!”

“Dear Richard, I am placing a second order for pasties and pies after being just plain ole delighted with your products. After being in this country for over 40 years, we have tried many so called "pies and pasties" from a lot of sources, but have not had any come close to the quality of yours. The last order we had was sent UPS 2nd air, I believe due to the distance involved and the danger of thawing out. If this is the case again, please add the extra charge to the card on the order and let me know by email so we know when to start drooling with anticipation! Kindest regards.”
David Sykes

“My wife and I visited your shop recently and came to the conclusion that your Pasties are not authentic! Although somewhat reminiscent of Cornish Pasties, they just were not the same. The hard-to-face truth is that they’re much better than those we enjoyed in Cornwall. We expected to experience the same old hard, heavy lard-based crust. We were surprised to find that your crust was both light and flaky. We also expected to taste what usually amounts to a potato and gravy filling containing a few traces of beef, chicken, or lamb. You surprised us with a rich, flavorful and plentiful filling which was more like a savory stew than what we’ve experienced in Cornwall. Your apple desert pasty really topped off our experience. We’ll be back!”
Dan Kusnetzky

“I’ve been eating Pasties & Pies all my life in England and around the world... and I’ve never tasted better Cornish or Steak & Kidney! And your pastry is to die for. I will eventually try all your flavors when I can resist those Cornish! Congratulations 4 &’re the best ever and I can’t wait to get back!”
Henry Marshall, Sarasota & Yorkshire, England.

“Frozen Goods received, re-heated and already ate - YUMMY. Pastry is mmmm; melts in the mouth. We had the sausage rolls cold - DELICIOUS”
Paul, Vero Beach, FL

“I appreciate your dedication to customer satisfaction! Last night I followed the re-heating instructions to the letter, and enjoyed an absolutely delicious pasty. I am quite overjoyed with the quality and flavor of your product!”
Tracy, Raleigh, NC

“We are already half way through them. They are terrific. Thank you. We are from Sheffield, Yorkshire.”
Jean, Duluth, GA

“Our order arrived in perfect shape - we have already tried a sampling of the Sausage Rolls and Steak & Kidney Pasties. What can we say - they are simply delicious - a taste of home I’ve really been missing. We will definitely be ordering again soon!”
Terry, Rockledge, FL

“We got everything today in fine shape. My son-in-law said it wouldn’t get to his freezer - it would be consumed beforehand! Jack said he loved the Pork Pies. Your crust is the greatest, and the food too!”
Judy & Mel, Rhode Island

“My husband, who is from England, but hasn’t lived there for over 25 years, said to tell you "he has died and gone to heaven" and that the sausage rolls are better than he had when he was growing up. Thank you so much!”
Diane & Kenny, Cotati, Napa Valley, CA

“Hello! OMG I just ate my first blue cheese/meat pasty! Yummy to the tummy!!!! They are delicious! How many of those 1/2 size ones can you fit in a box for shipping? Thanks!”
Tammy, Spring Lake, N. Carolina

“ Just a note to say how wonderful it was to meet you both in person today. You really have built a special place there and it was great to see your enthusiasm and how deep it runs through all that you do. The pasties got back in a perfect solid frozen state and are now sitting pretty in our freezer ready for the new day tomorrow.”
Rob, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Goodies arrived in a frozen state today and I can‘t wait until I get my first taste. Everything looks delicious. Thanks to you and the crew.”
Ann Dunning, Kissimmee, FL

“We truly enjoyed meeting both of you and touring the shop. Imagine our delight to find pasties just like the ones we loved on our recent visit to England, so close to home!! Chatting with both of you and tasting your specialties was a wonderfully reminiscent “visit” we can experience over and over, especially during the long summers in Florida! We just placed another order today because we’re suffering “pasty withdrawal”. Thanks for the wonderful products and letting us share our travel experiences with you.”
Darla & Manny, Palm Harbor, FL

“Richard. Was delighted, to receive the frozen foods, in perfect condition. Have tried the steak and kidney pies and pork pies, which we enjoyed very much. An Irish man, and myself being English so we know our pies. Can’t wait to try the rest of the pies. Will certainly be ordering again. Thanks.”
Dorothy Flatley

“I have ordered from you before and found Barbara’s pasties totally delightful!! I am a yank but was based in your country (RAF Upper Heyfordshire, Oxon) for a couple of years and totally enjoy British cuisine (steak and kidney pie will ALWAYS be my favorite!)”
Michael, Charleston, NC

“May I say since Tuesday I have tried the original Cornish, and tonight a cold pork pie with branston and it is indeed comfort with great memories of home. Every bite was a treat so far. I would be into the whole order but want to space other items a few days apart for maximum treatyness lol. My barber who is here in Palm beach from Manchester gave me a free cut today because I gave him the second pie. He is of Jewish heritage and says who cares about Kosher, with this taste. My dentist, Dr Adrian Rose from London originally, I plan to give him a few items from my NEXT order. All the best”
Gwyn, Palm Beach FL

“Bought some of your pasties this past weekend from Best of British in Hampton, VA. It‘s not often that I feel the urge to write to someone about a product, but I have to tell you, those pasties were absolutely and incredibly delicious... and the pastry was amazing! I am an expat Australian... and my parents are English... so you can be assured that I am very picky about pies, pasties and sausage rolls! In the 20 years I have lived in the US, yours are the first good ones I‘ve had made here. Whatever it is you are doing...please keep on doing it!”
Linda Lenox

Local editorial comment

“As a nutritionist, I always preach that the most powerful aid to health is the power of good food and a varied range of foods. The pasties you bake are good simple ingredients put together with care and expertise and make a great addition to anyone’s diet! The sausage rolls are the best we have tasted anywhere, even in the UK, and have become an integral part of any of our parties - our guests even check that we will have some before they decide to accept the invite! Keep baking - and we will keep enjoying!"
Sally Parsonage - FL. Consultant Nutritionist, Food for Performance

“The Empire Strikes Back! While the Sausage Rolls cook, their juices leak into the dough and create a layer of sausage infused pastry. Every one of the sausage flavors is delicious! Everybody here, including myself, loved the Pasties and I do hope to come by soon for seconds."
Travis Wilds - Food Editor The Weekly Planet, Sarasota, FL (now "Creative Loafing)”

“Fit for a King”
Karen Memone - Food Editor Pelican Press newspaper, Siesta Key, FL

“We cut open our Pasties... and the birds began to sing”
Cynthia Barrette - The Weekly Sarasota.

“My only complaint (about all 7 Pasties & Sausage rolls reviewed) is that the 4 & 20 Pasty Company isn’t closer to my house”
Sonie Lasker - Sarasota Herald-Tribune Food-To-Go Review

“4 & 20 Pasties area great addition to Sarasota’s hand-to-mouth cuisine. Here’s betting you find them popping up all over”
Bob Ardren - Sarasota Magazine.

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